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Diseño y exclusividad para tiendas en Valencia

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Diseño y exclusividad para tiendas en Valencia

On noviembre 19, 2015, Posted by , In Economía, With Comentarios desactivados en Diseño y exclusividad para tiendas en Valencia

Recientemente hemos realizado un buen trabajo, un cliente importante “el constructor de la nueva tienda del Valencia CF“, otro buen ejemplo es el trabajo realizado con Loewe.

La empresa Acierta tiene la sede en Valencia y realiza trabajos de retail exclusivos.

About Acierta

Located in Valencia (SPAIN), Acierta focuses on RETAIL as an experiential environment, driver of brand awareness and business transaction model. Through its preference for a physical environment which offers multiple opportunities and requires multiple skills, ACIERTA has become a specialist in transforming spaces into places of experiences, emotions and communication.

Acierta’s value proposition is based on a formula made up of CREATIVITY and KNOWLEDGE. This formula is built upon the HUMAN FACTOR. Acierta is a company made up of real people, where personal exchanges and the concept of PERSONALISATION of each project are at its core. The idea of COMPLEXITY (multiple elements and integrated intelligence) is the opposite of the idea of complication (adding stages and processes which hinder performance). Acierta is able to manage complexity with processes and methods that provide SIMPLICITY and CONVENIENCE to the client.

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